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Meet our team

Our experienced team is dedicated to your health and well being. Because each client is unique, we customize your treatment to address your individual needs.
BodyworkMasters Bob Tricomi


Owner, Master Bodyworker
Bob is the owner and founder of Bodywork Masters. He has been doing Bodywork in the Lexington area for over a decade. Bodywork is Bob’s passion, keeping fascia and tissue pliable and healthy is his goal.

Some of the techniques Bob utilizes are myofascial release,
gua-sha/graston technique, and trigger point therapy. All of his techniques help release adhesions that may have formed in the fascia or scar tissue from injury/post-surgery.

The biggest accomplishment for Bob is his two beautiful and successful daughters and his grandson.


Assisted Stretching and Postural Alignment Coach, Reflexologist
Kirk graduated the National Personal Training Institute in 2015 and he is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. He has been working one on one with clients for the past several years and specializes in postural alignment, assisted stretching and strength training.

At BWM, Kirk does Postural Alignment, Assisted Stretching and Reflexology to help optimize mobility and flexibility. He is also enrolled in massage school and will be trained by Bob in Bodywork.
BodyworkMasters Kirk


Babette Nerzig, LMT, is licensed by the Massachusetts State Board of Massage Therapy. She received over 800-hours of training and graduated with a certificate from The Massage School, Boston, MA (2015). In addition, Babette completed 250 hours of training and mentoring with Bob Tricomi, LMT, in Orthopedic Massage (Bodywork Masters, 2016-17).

Babette has been a practicing Reiki Master since 2005, and trained in the Usui Tradition with Lisa Campion. She also graduated from The Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine, Medway, MA (2016). Babette has a BS degree in Criminal Justice and an Associates in Psychology, Sociology, and Crime Scene Investigations.

Babette uses a wide variety of techniques and modalities to help open up the myo-fascial system and address pain-related issues. Because each session is uniquely tailored to her client’s needs, "No two sessions are alike".
BodyworkMasters Babette
BodyworkMasters Jennifer


500 RYT- Registered Yoga Teacher
Jennifer is a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. She teaches Vinyasa Flow yoga that uses breath with movement and focuses on strength, balance and stretching. Jennifer started teaching "The Balanced Yogi” practice a few years ago after being inspired by years of working at Bodywork Masters and learning the importance of keeping the body in balance and tissue and fascia healthy. Jennifer uses the training of her 200 and 300 hour yoga training as well as her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology to create a class that’s good for both the body and mind. The goal of the practice is to teach mindful postures that contribute to getting the fascia pliable, strengthen the muscles and learn how to use breath to feel more calm. Jennifer teaches a weekly class which is currently Livestreamed on Zoom (link available upon request). She also offers private lessons.
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