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Our Services

Bodywork Treatments

A therapeutic massage, using hands-on techniques and tools, to relieve pain and foster healing.

Assisted Stretching

Assisted stretching is a safe and painless way to improve mobility and flexibility.


Applied pressure to the hands and feet which helps alleviate stress, promote healing and bolster immunity.
We utilize many different techniques to identify, treat and restore functional and structural balance to the body.

Bodywork Treatment Techniques

Bob doing joint therapy to a hip


Our approach to chronic pain management is built on Bob Tricomi's innovative joint therapy treatment. When pain is centralized in major joint areas, we work to balance the dysfunctional joint structures and release tissue stagnation. This offers significant relief from that pain.


A procedure borrowed from the acupuncture modality, in which suction cups are applied to stagnated tissues (lumpy or bumpy surface areas) and stimulate blood-flow to amalgamate the underlying tissue. This tissues becomes warm and smooth as adhesions dissipate. Redness, bruising or discoloration around the targeted area is normal and usually fades within a few days.
Cupping process applied along the spine
Trigger Point Therapy with pressure applied to shoulder


A treatment used when trigger points (sometimes called knots or adhesions) are found on the fascial tissue. When these areas are compressed, tenderness is felt not only in that specific area, but also radiates to other parts of the body.


Another method borrowed from acupuncture, where a blunt object (such as a smooth stone, metal spoon, or similar object) is scraped on the surface of the tissue. This is another technique to break up adhesions.
stroking motion applied to the scapula with a tool
Myofascial release of the mid and lower back


Fascia is connective tissue, found just under the surface of the skin, which encompasses the whole body (holding the structure of the body together like a diving suit would.) Muscle ("myo") is intertwined with the fascial tissue, and together it makes up the myofascial structure. A fascial line may connect from toe to hamstring, up to the hip, to the lower back, up to the shoulder. When one of these areas is imbalanced or adhered to other tissue, it can disrupt the entire alignment of the structure.

This technique involves a slow, deep movement targeting the origin of the imbalance within the facial line. The area is worked to release tension, potentially built into the system over a longer period of time, eventually releasing the entire structure.


Reflexology is a form of bodywork that focuses on the feet. It is the application of pressure to areas of the feet that correspond to organs, glands and other systems of the body.
Reflexology applied with pressure to the bottom of the foot
Assisted Stretching applied to client's chest area by bodyworker extending client's elbows


Postural alignment and assisted stretching techniques use stretching and strength building techniques to optimize range of motion and flexibility.

In addition to receiving treatment, patients are educated about how to maintain balance by identifying and correcting negative patterns. Bob Tricomi, LMT, may also identify and offer suggestions to correct postural imbalances due to poor ergonomic office conditions, repetitive motions, and chronic pain that can all affect activities of daily living.
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