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How often do I need Bodywork/Therapeutic Massage?

November 11, 2020


Most of us discover Bodywork/Therapeutic Massage once we are experiencing pain in our body due to injury or illness. Some start Bodywork post surgery following Physical Therapy, others from a referral from a friend or family member once we are experiencing pain. Why is it that we wait for there to be pain or lack of flexibility or range of motion for us to take the steps to care for our body? Is it that we feel it is indulgent? Or that bodywork is only necessary when there is a pain or a problem? Imagine only going to the dentist once a tooth starts to experience pain.

Bodywork is essentially flossing our body to keep it adhesion free and pliable. When our tissue, fascia and muscles are healthy and in good condition our chances of injury are significantly less. That is why you need to be making bodywork a regular part of your wellness maintenance schedule. Eat well, sleep well, exercise...and floss the body with Bodywork!

Bodywork is one of the most effective therapies to relieve pain and it significantly reduces the use of painkillers. Bodywork has the additional benefits of increasing muscle relaxation, decreasing nerve compression, increasing joint space and increasing circulation.

The big question, how often should you be coming in for Bodywork maintenance? Bob Tricomi, LMTs answer is about every 4-6 weeks if you are pain-free and have excellent range of motion and mobility. If you are experiencing pain, tightness or decreased range of motion your sessions should be one or two weeks apart until you are pain free with good mobility.

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